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Cancelling 'protected registration' feature

So, I just noticed that I cannot do ANYTHING in my domain settings page. It just says "Protected Registration is protecting your domain, but there's one last setup step. Complete setup." 


Clicking on 'complete setup' scrolls down and it shows:

Protected Registration: Set up needed

NOTE: You need to enable 2-step verification in order to set up Protected Registration. We'll text a code to your mobile phone. (Standard messaging rates apply.)


When I try to do that it says:

"Sorry, 2-step verification is not supported for this country."


So, basically I can't do anything...what I tried to do is fill the online form for cancelling 'protected registration'. It said the form was submitted, but didn't say how long it's going to take. 


Can I do something to resolve this issue quicker? Can a call to customer service remove 'protected registration' or at least enable the 2-step verification so that I can do it myself?



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Re: Cancelling 'protected registration' feature

Are you able to enable 2-factor authentication using a 3rd party app like Google Authenticator?


It sounds like you have already filled out this form.  If so it can take a few days as the information would need to be verified manually for security reasons.


Re: Cancelling 'protected registration' feature

Figured it out myself! 


You go in your account -> login & pins and then add two-step authentication with an app (google authenticator), Then you can disable 'protected registration'...Should have made it more obvious but anyway...