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Change domain on Google site owned by holygroundcommunity to owned domain

I have a domain purchased from Godaddy.  My web site is a Google Site owned by  I would like to set the name (CNAME I think) on the Google site to  The Google site is "".


Currently the holygroundcommunity site is set in Godaddy using DNS forwarding.  I want to change the google site name to use the instead of DNS forwarding.

Rich Hartmann


Hello! I suppose that when you say DNS Forwarding you mean that you control the dns from godaddy but your registering is another provider. In this case, what you have to do is eliminate the dns administration service from godaddy and delete the google cname. I suppose you will have your hosting in another provider
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You will first need a Google Admin Account. Or Google Cloud Platform account. Depending on your versions (New or Classic)

Follow link for step-by-step Guide. >> <<