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Configuration of delegated domain - page redirecting



One of my client delegate me access to his account/domain name.

I got access, but when i going into "Manage all" on "Products page" i was redirected to, after few times of redirects page crashes and i have no access to delegated domains.


For my own domains this page works fine.


Screenshot 2018-12-20 11.46.53.png

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Configuration of delegated domain - page redirecting

Hey there @servika!


This seems like an internal tool glitch of some sort. I would first try clearing your cache to see if that corrects the issue.


If not, unfortunately, we have no access to the internal systems on the community forums to help you out. You'd want to give support a call or start a live chat for help.

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Re: Configuration of delegated domain - page redirecting

Hi @MrVapor


Thanks for you message,

I got the same in other browsers and incognito mode.


Will contact support to resolve this issue.


Kind regards,



Re: Configuration of delegated domain - page redirecting

I had this exact problem with delegate access and trying to get to the Domains -> Manage All and got that redirect. I've contacted support to see what they said, but in the meantime was playing around and found that direct access to the manage dns page works while using delegate access.


Adding this info here to help others that might be affected and need a quick workaround while waiting for support.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Configuration of delegated domain - page redirecting

Thanks so much @RobertGroves for adding the info on helping out with this issue!! I'm sure many other GoDaddy customers will appreciate your advice. Take care!