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Confusing and shady domain managing system at Godaddy!

Today I try to renew all of my 8 domains. Should not be confusing, just select all 8 and click renew, pay for it and done. No! First of all I find where all of my 8 domains listed under main management, but there is no button or link to proceed further! None. So I go to Domain Renewals instead, see my 8 domains, select to renew all and.... I see 7 domains and very cleverly I would say one domain is missing and instead of it there is an 8th "product" as a Domain sale listing on their auctions... So if I missed that I would renew only 7 domains and losing the 8th one.... a very important one. Beware! This kind of and other confusions were going on on Godaddy for many years! They keep on changing their interface but never making it easy.


P.S. I don't see any additional label in your list that matches my case!!! Stop forcing people selecting labels that are not correct!