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Connecting Godaddy domain to XXAMP

I've searched for as long as I can and I still cannot find the answer to this question.

I've trying to connect my domain to a XXAMP server locally hosted on my computer, at x.xx.xx.xx:8080. The :8080 is the main problem here. I can connect my GoDaddy domain to the IP, but I'm having trouble connecting it to the port. Funnily enough, when I remove the domain's SRV record and then reconnect the XXAMP server to the port :80, then my domain tries to connect to the port :8080, even though I never specified it to. But when I try it with an SRV record set and the port set to :8080, it then tries to connect to :80. This is so confusing.

Here is my SRV settings. A is set to my IP, as expected. I really don't know what's going on here. Just to be sure, I did put my IP and port into the web browser and the site does come up as it should.