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DNS Only (Off-Site) domain

Hi there.


I bought a hosting plan with free domain. But somehow, my domain is not listed in dropdown of domain list. When I click "my domains" then it shows itself. But there is a text that "DNS Only (off-site)".


Also when I check my domain in domain search box, it still shows that my domain is available to buy. 24 hours left when I bought.


Is it ok or is there any problem ?

Community Manager

Hi @Murray2. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you haven't already resolved this, I'd recommend connecting with our customer care team so they can make sure everything is working as intended. The situation you described would usually indicate that the domain in question wasn't actually registered. Support should be able to help you make that happen if the domain is still available or provide you with a refund if you were somehow charged but did not receive the domain. 


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