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DNS Problem after changing nameservers

Hi there,

We redirect this domain a month ago but there's a dns problem, do you guys know what's the problem?


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Super User III

Re: DNS Problem after changing nameservers

Hello there @Choma!


It looks as if your nameservers are controlled by Cloudflare. That means that GoDaddy no longer controls your DNS. You may want to make sure your Cloudflare configuration is correct or contact their support for more help.


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Re: DNS Problem after changing nameservers

Hey MrVapor, thanks for the reply.


Yes, I know and that's because I tried the redirect dns to a droplet in digital ocean and amazon web service,  didn't work.

I got my domain in godaddy so, I do not know what else I'm supposed to do. I don't think Digital Ocean, AWS or Cloudflare are the problem, maybe is the domain itself.. Thanks Vapor!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS Problem after changing nameservers

Hi @Choma. Essentially, a domain name registration is just an entry in a very large database. When someone references the domain name (for email, website, etc.) the registry database returns information, including where the server should look for the domain's DNS. If your domain's nameservers are pointed toward another provider, the only service GoDaddy would be providing you is maintaining the domain registration entry itself with the registry. Since some nodes on the network see the new nameservers, the change at the registry definitely happened. It's rare to see results like this. I'd suggest connecting with your DNS provider first since it seems likely the issue is no that end. It could also be an issue with one of the many servers that provide DNS information. Hope that helps. 


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