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DNS Templates for External Nameservers

I have a template setup for an external nameserver that I use for dynamic DNS, but when I apply it it does not take effect.


ALSO: if I am going to use Godaddy's DNS for names registered here, to point to my own servers, what good is the template if I have to enter the "host" name in the A and CNAME record, since that OBVIOUSLY should be the domain name ??!!?!?


For A name should host be * or should it be  @  

And points to be the ip address? or to @   or Can it point to be the root server domain name?


For CNAME should host be *.* 

And points to 


??? OR ??? 


Or put another way: Why are your "HELP" files so completely devoid of useful information? 


Also, your message editor here HAS A BUG. If you type the @ symbol and a question mark right after, it will give the beach ball of death.

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Re: DNS Templates for External Nameservers

If you're using GoDaddy nameservers...


To point the root domain ( with an A record-

Host: @

Points to: (the IP address)


To point subdomain ( to the same IP as the root domain with a CNAME record-

Host: example

Points to: @


If you're using 3rd party nameservers...

I believe the nameservers in the DNS template are informative, so you would need to change to custom nameservers with the traditional method for each domain.




Re: DNS Templates for External Nameservers

Thanks Nate, I did figure that out, it wasn't immediately clear.


Still, applying the "template" does not seem to change anything on my domains.


I discovered I FIRST have to change all the domains I want to apply the template to to "default name severs" first, then I can apply the template. Bogus.

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Re: DNS Templates for External Nameservers

The nameservers identify which DNS zone file you'd like to use.  Select the default if you want to manage the DNS here, with using 3rd party nameservers the DNS would be managed with that other provider.