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DNS editing problems

Hi there)

I need to combine all SPF records into one single string, I have the text and there is one single Google's SPF record which I can't edit or delete as a result I'm getting poor email deliverability rate.

Please support)


Hi @Oleg22, thanks for posting.
Were you receiving an error message when you tried to make a change? If you were feel free to follow up with the exact error message you were seeing. It might also be help to include your domain so members of the Community can take a look at the DNS and see exactly what we're working with.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Hi @GaryA,

Thanks for responding!

The issue seems to have solved by itself. I came back to check the record filed again in 2-3 days and it was editable.

Have any ideas what it could be?