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DNS hosted elsewhere

My domain names are currently registered elsewhere. Their DNS and webspaces are also hosted elsewhere. Email associated with each domain name is hosted on Office 365.


If I move my webspace hosting to you, must my DNS hosting also be switched to you (or can I simply amend the existing A-record/s)?


If you host my DNS, are there restrictions on what can be added or amended (e.g. adding TXT information for SPF codes, or adding CNAME, MX or SRV records)?


Re: DNS hosted elsewhere

Hello stewamax,

    Great question! DNS may be hosted and modified at any company you wish regardsless of which services you may have with GoDaddy. However, some services may require updates to specific record types that some providers do not support. Below I have provided an article with the types of records that can be modified when hosting DNS with GoDaddy.


Working with DNS records


Hope this helps!


DNS Hosting Only

Just purchased a Domain name and in my list i got both the same one with hosting only,The other looking like the right one because it the same DNS setting. Why is this ?

My site can't be found but can see the wordpress files are on the server  but keep getting website not found.

Any help please.



dns error?

please i'm having difficulties with my dns, it is showing error on my google console


Re: DNS hosted elsewhere

Hi there,


I have website migrated from Network Solution. The DNS still points to the old ip address with NS rather than the new one with GoDaddy. I have read But I cannot find Tools section in Web hosting -> Manage. 


Please help. Thanks! 

How do I create a new website (hosted) on GoDaddy, using a domain name registered elsewhere?

I have a domain name I registered some time ago with a company named - at the moment I only have the domain registered, no hosting and no SSL.

I would like to create my website using GoDaddy and host it here - is that possible? 


Thanks in advance everyone!




Re: DNS Hosting Only

same problem with me....please help

Help with DNS links for a webhost

Hello everyone, 

I have web hosting with Godaddy and my domain it's in different company. I have tried to manage the to get the DNS to link the domain to my host, but no chance. Anyone can let me know how to do this please. 






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Re: Help with DNS links for a webhost

Hi @Kareem113,


It sounds like you are trying to control this from your hosting here on GoDaddy, rather you should be going to the DNS settings where your domain resides! If your domain is with namecheap for example, manage your domain DNS from namecheap........

Re: Help with DNS links for a webhost

I have a similar problem: domain registered with namecheap, web hosting with GoDaddy. It looks like Manage DNS should be able to handle that from the GoDaddy side (and it seems to... at first) but that is followed by an e-mail saying that because I am not a Premium DNS customer the DNS Zone will be deleted in 30 days.  Catch 22: to use Premium DNS the registration needs to be transferred to GoDaddy. So, it seems DNS Hosting of any sort on GoDaddy only works (past 30 days) for domains registered at GoDaddy. Looking at it the other way, DNS hosting at namecheap, I haven't been able to get the web site hosted at GoDaddy to open in a web browser (can't find the server).  The DNS A record looks OK.  Of course, GoDaddy can't/won't help with that.  The two DNS Zones are identical except for the SOA and NS entries.  What else needs to change?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Help with DNS links for a webhost

Hi @DaveInFL. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you may have set up a DNS hosting (off-site) entry for your domain. If a domain is using our website hosting, it should have a zone file automatically. Manually setting up DNS hosting shouldn't be necessary. That would explain why you're getting the warning in question. If you haven't already done so, I suggest reviewing this information with our support team. It may require that our advanced teams look into the matter to get the zone file set up correctly. 


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