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DNS in Australia & US not updating after 6 days

Hi there, I setup a Mail in a Box server which requires any domains using for email to also use it's built in DNS server (Glue records). I did this with my domain using and which I had to register as hostnames with GoDaddy in my DNS management section. Everything worked great but I decided to instead use a new email setup on a different server, so I changed the NS servers (to and then deleted the MIAB DNS records and the email server hosted on DigitalOcean. That was 6 days ago and my domain is resolving perfectly from all countries except mine (Australia) and the US (except for north east). I am guessing there is an issue with the old glue records not being removed and new DNS records not being updated but why? Would appreciate any help including who I should contact?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS in Australia & US not updating after 6 days

Hi @beerrnot. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This issue would most likely be due to how the nameservers in question are responding to queries. My guess would be that the nameservers may have a problem with the way some requests are being made. Using different tools, I see consistent, but different results. For example, if I look up on, it shows a nameserver check from Australia is successful, but other locations are not. When I use, I see the same results you do. Other checks (like this one) also show DNS resolving in Australia. I'd get in touch with the nameserver provider to see if they have any insight on to why some requests come back positive and others do not. Hope that helps. 


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