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DNS with two deferent destinations

registered with godaddy and need to host my e-mail with company ( A ) and my web site with another company ( B )

how to make it 

Community Manager

Hi @mohsal452. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! You can usually do this by modifying the DNS settings (zone file) for your domain. Please note that you'd need to do this with the provider you're resolving DNS with (whoever the domain's nameservers point to). Any links below assume you are using GoDaddy nameservers. 


For your website, you can change the domain's primary A Record (@) to point to the IP address for your host. You'd need to get the IP from them. Make sure you don't have any other "@" A Records. 


For your email, you'll need to update the domain's MX Records. You'll need to get the correct records from your email provider. Make sure you only use the MX Records your email provider suggests. 


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