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Does GoDaddy remove domain names when they become popular?

I bought a domain name because I tried to gift it to someone.  A danaashlie on youtube now has over 164k subscribers.  Whoever owns her channel on youtube seems to think just because a similar name domain as hers has been purchased by me that she somehow has rights to it.  Legally she has no rights to my domain name.  However it seems all she had to do is call godaddy and make false accusations & lie against me so they would call my domain contact list "invalid" and lock me out of my own DNS also redirecting my website that I put many months of work into. Never once did I pretend to be the woman on youtube nor do I have her videos on my site. Is there some auto-own-domain-claim that I don't know about? I have been forced to jump hoops with godaddy to validate a domain they know is mine.  Will they take it further and forever crash my website redirecting the DNS?  We shall see.  More will be revealed I am still locked out of my own DNS. Next step Report Godaddy if they don't straighten this out.  Or apologize if they make this right.


Hi @Victim444,


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The users in this community forum will have no access to your account to determine what the issue is or why a domain you have may have been removed. If a person has a trademark on their name/domain, they can seek legal recourse to prevent the use of that domain by another party. This action is allowed by ICANN under certain circumstances. If you have any questions on your own domain, you may wish to review any emails you receive regarding that domain and respond there. 






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