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Domain Forwarding - Temporary?

Hi, bought a URL and in settings, I put my wordpress address in but my new URL will still not work. Just loads for ages, then nothing.


I then chose 'forwarding type 302 - temporary' in godaddy settings, and this worked. Do I just leave it as temporary forever? 


Any ideas? Thanks

Super User II

Activating forwarding involves a change to the DNS which can take up to 48 hours to resolve.


You should be able to change it back to 301.

Even changing it back to 301 doesn't do anything.

I ordered the URL and assigned it to my site at about 7pm. It worked at first but not now.

For DNS propagation, changes can be intermittent for usually less than 48 hours where it can flip-flop between the old and new settings.  Make sure you have it on the right settings and if it doesn't resolve itself shortly you can contact support directly with your account details so they can look into your account.

Do you think I've done it right though? (Please note, I just changed 'temporary' to 'permanent' after taking this screenshot).