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Domain Suspended: Godaddy not returning the domain after giving all the proofs

Hello Everyone,


One of my domain got suspended on 3rd of October because my site was hacked from hosting which is on 3rd party site. Than i have called the customer care and they told me to remove everything from hosting and drop a mail on and i did everything as they said. After that i didn't get any reply from the team so i called them next day again for asking about the status they told me it will take 24-48 hours of time so i was waiting for it. Than next day when i called the customer care they said they haven't received my mails and i also didn't get any failing message, then they are saying your hosting have issue so i checked with hosting and after getting confirmation from hosting i mailed godaddy back that everything is wiped out from hosting. After than when i called the GoDaddy team they are again saying they didn't receive my mail. 


Now they are drooping the call after every 30 minutes and no one is calling me back after hearing my whole issue and keeping it on hold. I have told the same issue to almost 15 representatives of Godaddy. 


If someone can help me than please contact me otherwise just tell me clearly that you don't want to give me the domain back. So i can focus on some other work.



A very disappointed customer


Hi @devender35132,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to get your issue resolved with the Customer Care or HostSec team? The users in this Community forum will have no access to your account or the GoDaddy security systems to review or resolve your issue. Please contact our customer support team at one of the numbers in the link below so they can review and resolve the problem, or get you pointed in the right direction. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (



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