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Domain Suspension Notice

Hello every body,

Last July I bought a domain  from Goddady auctions and I haven't used it at all just bought and keep it with default Goddady sittings for future plans.

today I got an email that my domain have been suspended for violation of the GoDaddy Universal Terms of Service.

How can that happen if I dont use the domain for anything?!
I sent an email for goddady and I got this reply

"Recently, this domain name was identified as the origin of phishing activity targeting 3rd party companies. Because we are the Registrar for this domain, our reputation has been negatively impacted and GoDaddy will not allow the service we provide to other customers to be compromised. Due to the nature of this situation, the domain name cannot be reinstated at this time."

But as I said I dont know what are they talking about?
Any help?
Thank you


Hi @Utechs, thanks for posting.

Members of the Community do not have access to account details. You will need to continue working with Support regarding your domain name.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Just joined the community to hopefully gain a bit more insight into GoDaddy's policy and procedures for receiving, handling and tracking of abuse reports via GoDaddy's Abuse Report system when these are lodged against one of their customers.


Out of the blue with no apparent warning, our primary domain was suspended and taken offline by GoDaddy. Upon contacting GoDaddy, they informed us that our site was suspended because a specific page in our site included malware/phishing code.  All our operations, webpages and emails, affecting hundreds of employees were offline because someone had hacked just one of the thousands of pages on our website, and later reported it to GoDaddy's Abuse Department.

We are a family owned business that has been around for more than 30 years and our domain has been registered with GoDaddy for more than 12 years. Therefore, we were puzzled by GoDaddy's procedure of suspending a long established customer without first reaching out to us via email/phone to alert us of an impending suspension.


We wholeheartedly see the need for facilitated domain abuse reporting, however it would make for better customer relations if GoDaddy first reached out to their customers in resolving these issue rather than suspending our domain; then later waiting up to 72 hours for the Abuse Department (who does not work 24/7) to give the all clear in restoring the domain.


In this incident, some nefarious individual, abused GoDaddy's Abuse Department.  This felt like a DOS attack in which GoDaddy became an unknowing accomplice. We are therefore researching what exactly is GoDaddy's procedure for handling of Abuse Reports, and what safeguards are in place to protect their customers from this combination of hacking and deceptive reporting resulting in domain suspension.  We hope to compare GoDaddy's protocol against that of other registrars


Any links detailing GoDaddy's policy on this matter or an email I can write to, would be appreciated.  
I'm also hoping to reach out to someone in GoDaddy that could provide the IP address of the user who lodge that abuse report and cross reference it against the IP addresses that accessed our web server.


Thanks to the community for any insights or leads you can provide.



Yes, same thing happened to us yesterday.


The domain just stopped working and now our whole office is without email.


As far as we know, no one from GoDaddy contacted us about this.


Not professional way to handle the situation.