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Domain forwarding does not work in Chrome

Hi All,


I have a domain from another provider and would like to forward it to my GoDaddy site with masking. However, when I do that I only see a blank white page in Google Chrome although it works properly in Internet Explorer.  

I am in trial period and have doubt to proceed further with payment in case this problem is not solved.

Look forward to hear your suggestions...

Community Manager

Hi @beko. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If I were to guess, it sounds like you have a domain with another registrar and you want to forward that domain with masking to a GoDaddy site that uses a free URL (like If so, that will not work. Sites built with our most recent Website Builder cannot be viewed while being masked. The block is intentional on our part. It looks like the older technology in Internet Explorer does not observe the blocking behavior, which is why it loads there. If you have a GoCentral/Website Builder site and want to use it with a 3rd party domain, you can do that by changing the domain on the Website Builder plan and then pointing the domain toward GoDaddy nameservers or by pointing the domain toward the Website Builder IP ( or with your current DNS host. Hope that helps. 


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