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Domain forwarding just doesn't work

I am trying to forward to

For years this worked fine, but starting several months ago, it stopped working for me and for many other people who try that url 


Just got off a 30 minute chat with GD tech support, which was no help. They basically said that everything looks fine to them, and that it is somehow my error or fault. Yet, when I try from any computer, iphone, and network in two different states, the forwarding fails.  Strangely, the "preview" button in the GD domain manager shows the right page.  This has happened to me for other urls that I am forwarding as well. Anyone have any suggestions?


Super User I



Just tried and it forwarded to YouTube for me....  Maybe try clearing all your caches? 


Try in a private/incognito window to see if it still happens.   If it doesn't you know it is cookies or caching.  


The thing is if it is working for others, like it just did for me, there is no way to troubleshoot this as a problem on the forwarding side.  The fact it work for me points to something with your setup or connection.


HTH! 😉

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Can you tell me which browser you used?  Which ISP? Still unable to see the forwarding work properly, no matter where I check from. Incognito window didn't help. Perhaps some ISP's block forwarding?