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Domain forwarding not working

My primary domain is - I have two other domains that forward; forwards directly to, forwards to  Neither of the forwards are working at this time.  They have worked in the past - I don't know when this problem first began, I noticed it earlier this morning.


Jim Arner

Super User III

A few others have posted about similar issues.  It may only be affecting certain areas, as I am seeing the domains mentioned being forwarded.  Subscribe to this thread to see if any more info comes out.

I have two methods of connecting to the internet; via my smart phone using a Consumer Cellular account (probably uses AT&T sites), and HughesNet satellite.  Using the phone service, the forwarding is not working - using HughesNet, the forwarding does work.  For phone service, I'm currently in Victoria Texas.  Hope this information helps in troubleshooting this issue.