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Domain name to isp ip with port

Hi there community,


I'm hosting a confluence server on my workstation on port 8090, the outside address then will be isp:8090. This works, but now I want my recently purchased domain to point there, I don't want a forwarder I want the following: if i go to the it must be the same as when I go to isp:8090. 


I can't seem to fix this, I don't know what records to use or how to set this up. Could you guys help me out please?


Thanks in advance


Kind regards,



Community Manager

Hi @jterpstra1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! As far as I know, web browsers are set up to use port 80 (or 8080) for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. This is what they will always default to, which is why you need to add the port number in the address bar if you want to use a port other than those. There isn't a way to address this using DNS. You can try creating a redirect on your server or router from the ports above to the port you want to use though. Then your visitors wouldn't need to enter the port number. I hope that helps. 


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