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Domain that I created does not redirect to correct URL after Addon Domain



I have recently purchased a domain ( and used cPanel in my Deluxe hosting to create an Addon Domain as per the following:


I have tried to do this by first pointing to a folder with a WP site that all ready exists (and changing the 'siteurl' and 'home' option values to the new domain name. However when I launched the domain it would just redirect to a blank page.


I thought there may have been some issues so I created a new folder called bwpainting in my File Manager and then changed the Addon Domain values to direct to that folder - however that still does not work.


My question is - what am I doing wrong?


The interesting thing is that even though I changed the WP options to the URL still works.




I have removed the other addon domain name and made bwpainting folder have the contents of Wordpress - however when I go to it redirects to I don’t know why this is since I have changed the wp_options table for siteurl and home values and there is nothing in wp-config.php that suggests to redirect to