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English subdomain not working

Help please!! I own and I'm trying to create the English version of the website by creating a subdomain: I am trying to follow all Weebly's instructions for Godaddy's domains here:


I also followed all the steps here:


I added an A  record for "en"  that points to the IP, but it-s still not working. I have a weebly domain and actually paid weebly to create this subdomain. Happy to send screenshots if it helps!


 I'm not a professional web designer, so any help is much appreciated!  Thanks!


Re: English subdomain not working

Hi @anarocha,


Welcome to the Community!


An external look-up of your A Records shows that you have created a subdomain by using "". By using the entire domain in that field, your subdomain is now " Please remove the domain name in the "name" field and put only "en". Use the IP address provided by Weebly for your "value". This will result in the subdomain you desire. Please allow 24-48 hours after this change for the DNS to propagate. 



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