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Error deleting Product

since a long time I try to delete this account and cancel the renewals of the pages I bought.
to get it secured I deleted the payment info and told Paypal to withdraw GoDaddys right to take my money.
But really werd or borderline scamming is how when I try to delete my products and use the link I get per email I just get an error message that it cannot be done.


Hi @GutsherrAkrobat,


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If you wish to remove all payment methods, you first must remove the products in your account. As long as there is a product, there must be a payment method - to avoid loss of your domains, emails, or hosting. If a domain will not let you delete it, you have probably opted to have Protected Registration added to that domain (or live in an EU region where it was required). As it's designed to protect you against unintended expiration or removal/transfer of the domain, you must first remove this feature.


1. Remove Protected Registration

2. Delete all products

3. Remove Payment Methods


Then you may close the account.



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Thx for the reply
yeah I had this protection thingy as Im from Germany.
at least I could now properly tell the site to cancel my renewals.
Im still not able to delete my Products tho.

Ok so I have this Domain Lock in my 2 domains still running and I cannot disable that thing atm


kind of sure this domain lock is messing with me but I cannot get rid of it

Hi @GutsherrAkrobat,


If you have Protected Registration on your domains, you'll have to remove this feature first, before you can delete the domains from your account. Its purpose is to protect your privacy, prevent accidental expiration, and unintentional transfer. 


Remove Protected Registration

Delete Domains from the Domain Manager



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Curren status is that I removed the protection.
I still cannot get rid of "domain lock"

Hi @GutsherrAkrobat,


What's the domain name that refuses to unlock for you? You should not need to unlock a domain in order to delete it from the account. However, some CCTLDs have special registry requirements for removing the domain. 





TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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