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Expired domain purchase.

Hi Everyone


Yesterday I found a domain that has expired in godaddy and I purchased it.

According to the order receipt, for an "Expiry Domain Name Purchase Domain Transfer" and "Private Domain Transfer" but I got nothing in exchange yet.


it still isn't under "My Domains". and I already host this domain, now I cant login in to word press admin page also.


Do you know how to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance for replies


Helper VI

Hi @w20, welcome to the community! 🙂


Since what you bought is the domain name and the transfer, I think you should wait for the domain to be transferred to your account. I guess in a week or so it should be there. Maybe this can clear some things.


However, you may want to contact support and ask them about the domain you purchased.


Hope it helps!


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Hey mate, 

I'm facing the same problem right now, can you tell me what happened in your situation?