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Gmail account, managed by my domain, doesn't appear in my GoDaddy account

My Gmail account is managed by my domain. Sometimes when I'm trying to make changes or do specific things using the emails set up in that Gmail account I get a notification saying "contact your domain administrator".

I accessed my GoDaddy account to try and find any settings or any way to access my Gmail account administrator settings, but couldn't find anything; it shows me that there is no (zero) emails setup with my domain. Which is impossible because I have two.


My domain used to be managed by someone else, who had registered it for me years ago and created those two emails for me (since he ran a business that supported start-ups and he offered to do so for me). A few years later I paid him my dues and asked him to transfer the account to me, and so we did. When I run my domain name through "WhoIs" my name pops up as the registrant. So I really don't get how I have no idea who my Google account administrator is and how to access the "admin account"!


I'd really appreciate your help.