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GoDaddy Domain name vs Azure Host

Hello there!

My name is Hugo, and I'm new at publishing web page and Domain usage.

So I'v create a WebPage witch is a basic html/js file. And I want it to be hosted somewhere in this world. So I bought a domain name here on GoDaddy ( and place my file a Virtual Machine on Azure.

Now I wish to have my domain name, be fowarded to my host on azure, And I've some difficulties.


I've try some setting, like adding a HostName ( => in the GoDaddy DNS management page and also set the fowarding to


But now when I type the domain in a browser, in my case Chrome, the url changes to the IP address of the host instead of keeping the domain name.


What should I do to have it keeping the domaine name in the address bar?





Re: GoDaddy Domain name vs Azure Host

Ok I think I got the solutions.


I've added a "Record" of type "A" in the DNS Management page, and it seam to work so far.solution.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: GoDaddy Domain name vs Azure Host

Hi @HDufort,

Thanks for coming back and sharing how you solved your issue! It's helpful to other GoDaddy customers who might have the same issue in the future. Take care and hope to see you around in the Community.