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Godaddy steals a domain name?

A friend of mine has a portfolio of domain names with godaddy, one of them is a specialist area that he has books about and he is regarded as the leader in his field . 

Godaddy sends him an email to say all his domain names are due so he as per usual pays.. however one is missing ... my friend is terminal I’ll and go daddy steals his domain name now they are selling as a premium domain name ... it’s useless to anyone else it’s the name of his book...

He has rung so many times he said they act dumb... godaddy your greed is going to kill my friend , you have destroyed his business . Trying to sell his na e for $1400 is greed. 

Godaddy my friend will go to fair trading act of NZ .. I’ve stopped buying from you , I have my portfolio elsewhere except the 5 left here. My hotel has our website through godaddy as well, I’ll be transferring out ..

if you had an email where we could email for help but you don’t I have to come to a public forum.. 

on that note why are you charging 5 times more for domain names ?

copied and pasted for fair trading act NZ 




Re: Godaddy steals a domain name?

Greetings @OutspokeN ,


Thank you for the post, you're giving me a chance to refute a claim I have heard far too many times. GoDaddy doesn't "steal" domains. Names expire and can go to auction. Sometimes registrants claim domains (which are sometimes in other peoples accounts, like a webmaster that has several business domains). Sometimes people "share" account access and a domain is moved by the sharing party. And yes, some people have even listed domains for sale and forgot they did so. I saw that earlier this year. There are probably another three or four reasons that it happens that don't come to mind right now.


I'm not saying it's any one of these specific things, but what I am saying is that over 10 years of experience tells me that there is usually a very good reason why a domain "disappears" from an account and I've yet to see GoDaddy "steal" one out of an account yet. Different domains expire in different ways based on their registry, especially Country Code Domains. If your contact information and contact settings are up to date, we go the extra step to make notifications. 


So while we could all post for a friend (I have one that sold his $20 domain for $2,000...) I would suggest that anyone who has this concern contact 24/7 Support and run that concern to ground because there is a very likely a good reason why what you perceived as "theft" occurred.


Oh, and a quick sidebar to hopefully keep your billable hours down; Information on our expiration process and what happens to domains (extension by extension) is all available online. Here's one example - . That country code behavior differs significantly from .COM behavior. Also our Terms of Service and Tips for Attorneys may be found at the bottom of out homepage under "Legal" . However, I would humbly suggest applying the philosophy I use when I work on my car - I try the cheapest, easiest, least time-consuming way to solve or understand the problem first.


We're here 24/7, please bring your PIN.


I hope that helps (seriously),

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Godaddy steals a domain name?

Perhaps he can ask for you when he rings because he is getting the run around..

As per the orig post, his book is in the same name, it is of no use to anyone else , GoDaddy owns it , no one else, go daddy won’t allow him to have back with out paying for it?  A premium price? His book is a best seller on Amazon.. he register it in USA when he lived there. If godaddy didn’t steal it why put a premium price on , owned by go daddy.. .

of course you would say GoDaddy doesn’t steal domain names, to admit otherwise would cause issues wouldn’t it ?


your never sell it, it’s his business name, his book, he is the guru, what it has caused is his huge membership asking why they can’t get on his website anymore 

my only guess is he is telling them who and why.. I’m not sure that’s a guess.. 


My request is someone who gives a care that’s not in a country where he can’t understand the English give him the true answer. 

Because he’s come to me in desperation, I actually love GoDaddy .. 

however it’s forced me to put and look elsewhere and I know he has modified his amazon acct 


Can I have a phone number and name of someone in NZ or USA that he can talk too please 

so I can stay out of it 



Re: Godaddy steals a domain name?

Searched multiple domains for a new business venture. All available. Three weeks later, all taken. Guess where I **bleep**ed up and searched at? Godaddy. Guess who owns all of the domains I searched? Godaddy. These people are unbelievable. Want to destroy your business model? This is how you do it. I currently have a bunch of domains and hosting with this company. Switching it all...tweeting to me 6,000 followers and ALL of my marketing groups will hear this over and over and over and over. They don't give a **bleep**, I know. But this will cost them far more than it cost me. Enjoy your killer domain names idiots. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Godaddy steals a domain name?

HI @User815690. Thanks for posting. I can understand how you might come to that conclusion, but this is something that GoDaddy has never done and will never do. To clarify, if you see that a domain is registered through GoDaddy, it does not mean that GoDaddy is the owner of the domain, simply the registrar. If you see Domains By Proxy mentioned in the domain's WHOIS information under Registrant, that means that it is a GoDaddy customer using our Protected Registration service. 


Most often, this issue arises when a customer searches for a domain and we provide cached information about whether or not the domain is registered. This is done to speed up the process. However, this information is typically double checked if you actually add the domain to your shopping cart. Even then, sometimes the information we get from the registry can be incorrect and the domain is actually not available, even though our search said it was. The best thing to do is to double check the WHOIS information for the domains in question. My guess would be that you'll find the domains were actually registered before you did your search. If not, 3 weeks is definitely enough time for someone else (not GoDaddy) to register the domains. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.