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Manage DNS is not Working

I've just bought my first domain on GoDaddy, sorry to say but It's been a worst experience I had. When ever I click Manage DNS it redirects me back to my domain after 3 different redirections. So I'm unable to change my DNS please help me out with this. I've tried cleaning my browser history even i tried different browser but nothing worked. My domain name is


I have run a whois search on your domain and found that it's got the below custom NameServers assigned to it. Are these nameservers the correct ones that you're trying to point your domain to?

I tried free hosting site ( to host my domain, and I changed my domain NameServer to these points till then it was working fine but now I want clear all the settings. Even i deleted websites from and when i tried to revert DNS nameserver the page is not working. I've attached the video link of current behavior please have a look.