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Moving new Domain to old website



Not tech at all. Having a problem with adding my new domain to old website (not go daddy hosted). 


I contacted host and they gave me the ip address and told me to point my A record there. I did what they said and still not able to get to website. Contacted host again and not getting a reply


Please help!! 


Re: Moving new Domain to old website



I'm not really a newbie per se, but typically, if you follow the directions exactly, it will work. With any kind of coding or directing, computers can be quite persnickety about any dots, commas, semi-colons, numbers being just right. If something is not in the right place, it just will not work.


But this is what I'd do, if you can't get it to work. Contact GoDaddy re: getting a hosting site through them. They will help you every step of the way. GoDaddy is a great host with excellent customer service. I don't know if your site is biz related or not, but I certainly would not have a hosting provider that is so undependable. 


I'm just a GoDaddy customer--I'm not an employee nor do I receive any money from them.