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Namesevers with Netlify not propagating


I am having an issue with my domain on GoDaddy.

Can I please start by saying I have an understanding of DNS. I have successfully configured my DNS for 6 sites but something is not right with this domain.

So I bought a com and domain with GoDaddy.
I have my hosting with Netlify.
I linked my com domain with Netlify, update GoDaddy's nameserver entries to point to Netlify and it works. No problems.

However, with my I do the same and (even after talking to GoDaddy help 3 times) - this domain fails to resolve any DNS changes.


The help team are insistent this is not GoDaddy's issue and argue they know the problem, but all 3 have been wrong and have failed to help. Your help assistance need updating and educating on the current market status and CI/CD services. They are way too outdated and behind.

So my question is, please can someone, who knows something about DNS and Netlify or Heroku or similar... help me fix my problem here before I lose my mind.


You (GoDaddy) advertise yourselves and hammer it into people that they should use your services and carry on and on and on and on with your marketing. So that one day I try you out and in return I get a domain that doesn't work, staff that cant help me and 2 weeks of frustration. Its not fair.


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Re: Namesevers with Netlify not propagating



What is the domain name? There are a few tools I can use online to take a look and see if I can come up with something. I'm wondering if possibly it has something to do with it being a ccTLD but I won't know until I do some research. 

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Re: Namesevers with Netlify not propagating

Thank you for getting back to me!

The domains are:

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Re: Namesevers with Netlify not propagating

It looks like the domain you're having troubles with isn't registered.  Double check your order history to see if it was included in the transaction.  Adding a domain to DNS or hosting doesn't actually register it.

Re: Namesevers with Netlify not propagating

Well it turns out you and right... and I am blonde. The registered domain I have is:

Its missing the b for brew. Neither myself, my colleague or help staff picked this up. I'm such an idiot. Thanks for the help.