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New hosting account with exisiting Godaddy domain

Hi, total newbie here. Please bear with me.


I've had a domain with Godaddy for several years and used domain forwarding to point it at smugmug, the photo site. I just bought a hosting plan and although the hosting plan offers a free domain (for the first year only) I thought I'd use my existing one. I edited the Forwarding section in the Domain Manager to remove the smugmug forwarding, The CNAME still remains in the records though and cannot be edited. I removed the Custom Domain from my smugmug account too. I removed the Domain Lock whilst doing all this.


When I try to set up the web hosting it asks me for a domain and I try and use my domain and it says it is hosted elsewhere. I can't get past that stage............




Re: New hosting account with exisiting Godaddy domain

Ignore this. It was because of the free website that is bundled with domains, I deleted that and all is good.