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Page redirects too many times

Hi all,

First off - I know that there are many other questions about this, but none have solved my issue.

Details of problem

I have a server, let's say its address is When I access it from a web browser, using address, everything works fine - index.html loads and so does any other page, e.g. /xyz.html, they all load fine. However, when I try to access it through the web address that points to the server, e.g., the index.html loads fine but /xyz.html doesn't. It gives a "too many redirects" error. 


Any suggestions about what could be wrong?


P.S. if I haven't included enough info please ask for it.

Community Manager

Hi @Jachdich. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Most often, this error means that your website has to may redirects scripted into it. If you're on a Linux plan, this is usually in a .htaccess file. Unfortunately, it's not always a simple matter to try to resolve this. If you provide your domain name and what you're using to build the site, that may help others offer additional suggestions. 


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