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Propagation not working

 have a domain not propagating. I don't believe the 24 to 48 hours crap. Most domains propagate within an hour or two. Your chat "experts" are useless. One guy had no idea on how to do this job. How does he have a job at godaddy is beyond me! My question was simple. I requested him to check on my DNS propagation as I changed hosting accounts and I have a domain registered somewhere else. He said I had to get a hosting account at godaddy. I HAVE ONE!. He then said, my account only allows for 25 databases. I HAVE NONE USED!. Then he said I had to cancel my hosting account with hostgator first before I can host my domain here. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! That's horrible advice and I can't even imagine he's advising other people to do this! Exactly how many dissatisfied customers will you have on account of him? Holy **bleep**! This guy knows about networking as much as I know about baking.

I need an actual expert to look deeper into my account as I fear that something may have broken that is not allowing propagation to take place. I was propagating fine through 2 other domains and then it stopped propagating. And when it propagated, it did in less than an hour. comes the genetic answer..."wait 24 to 48 hours which is the normal time for propagation...blah blah blah"...In other words, "I don't feel like helping, have a nice day. Going back to watching youtube"

Super User II

As this is a public forum we do not have access to look into your account.  It is not clear exactly what you've done so far, but you can post screenshots if you need another set of eyes to double check.  Propagation usually takes an hour or two but it can take to 48 hours.  There are many levels between GoDaddy and your house so at each step there's the possibility of drawing outdated information from cache.  They'll generally give the stock 24-48 hour answer because in most instances it would be resolved in that time frame.

I finally (after 3 "experts") got to one that actually knew what he was doing and found the problem and fixed it. Which it only proves my point that the wait time is not the fix. If I had waited 24 hours....meh, 24 years. It would have still remained broken. It needed to be looked at from an expert angle. The problem is not me (the consumer). We are bound to make mistakes. We are not experts. The problem is that apparently GoDaddy hires anyone with a pulse and hand him an Answers Book to help people with real technical issues. And that is really frustrating. Having someone answer a chat to give random answers is not helpful and can cause more problems. That guy suggested I canceled my hosting account at the origin of my domain! How is this a viable solution? It has nothing to do with layers of problems. This one wasn't a layer relevant to my problem at all. He might as well told me to close my windows. That's how relevant that was.

Community Manager

Hi @lotusms. I'm glad to hear that you got things sorted out. The quality of our support is something that we take very seriously and this definitely doesn't sound like the type of experience we want customers to have. I will have your feedback forwarded on to improve how things are done. We're always looking for ways to get better and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.


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