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Random 502 ngnix errors on forwarded domain

I have a domain name that I want to forward to a particular landing page elsewhere. Domain "forwarding" within DNS management accomplishes this. I've set it up for a 302 (Temporary) and off we go. It works...sometimes. 98% of the HTTP requests for or get a nice HTTP 302 over to and all is happy with the world. 2% of requests get a 502 Bad Gateway response from nginx from GoDaddy (it's not hitting the target site--I'm doing it raw from curl and it's getting this response 2% of the time natively from GoDaddy's host).


I need to bat 1.000, not .980.


Any thoughts?


Turns out my guess was wrong. It's worse. GoDaddy shanks 5% of the calls. A 5% failure rate!


Spoke with support, and they have no idea. They can't even understand/reproduce it. Time for AWS, knew I should have started there.