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Renewal Email for Expired Domain

I thought we were over this months ago.


Today, I got an email from GoDaddy, subject line "One or more of your domains will auto-renew soon.". The body:

The good news is you don't need to take any action. We just wanted to let you know 
what's coming up for automatic renewal since you're the registrant contact for this
account. Take a look: [deleted].info Expiration Date: 3/7/2019

Why is this STILL happening? Emails are getting sent with all sorts of wrong messaging. We WANTED to let this domain expire months ago, now we're being falsely told this domain is going to auto-renew soon? The domain is NOT set to auto-renew, the expiration date is MONTHS in the past (it's 6/28/2019, for future reference), and we're way outside the grace period.


I'm so done with all of this.

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I'd give phone support or live chat a buzz and see if there's still some sort of notification set on in your account for this domain. They may be able to clear it from the system for you.

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Getting Started

Apparently, our account was set to Malaysia date format recently even though we have no employees in Malaysia, and we have no evidence of a breach.


Even better, it turns out that we DO want the domain and it IS set to auto-renew, but the email still said "Expiration date:". I was told this problem had been fixed but now I'm being told that's not the case. Great.