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Setting up GoDaddy domain for GitHub User Pages

Hi there,


I'm just writing to get some help with setting up my GoDaddy domain with GitHub User Pages.


I'd previously linked my GoDaddy domain with Squarespace. To do this I customised the DNS records (and probably some other settings) to forward to Squarespace. The problem is this was a couple of years ago, and now when I go to Manage DNS I can't remember which settings are custom, and which should always be there by default.


In the meantime I've de-linked my domain from the Squarespace account. I've also followed GitHub's guide ( and added four new A Records to the DNS settings: 


...and it works (i.e. typing in the domain in the browser loads the GitHub pages content). So I must have done something right!


However It doesn't look like there's a way to 'wipe' the Squarespace changes and start fresh, so I'm a bit concerned there's a mishmash of Squarespace and GitHub changes in my DNS Settings. E.g. when I enter dig [domain] into my terminal, I'm getting an extra 'fifth' IP address (


So basically, I want to clear up my DNS Settings so they're properly set up for GitHub, and nothing else.


Some particular issues I'm concerned about:

1: In the Manage DNS settings there is an A record which I can't delete. I think this might have been from the previous Squarespace settings but I can't be sure.

Type: A

Name: @

Value: Forwarded

TTL: 600 seconds

2: When I enter dig [domain] into my terminal, I'm getting an extra 'fifth' IP address: Should this be there?

3: There are also two Nameservers set up: and Do these still need to be there?

4: There are a lot of other CNAME, MX, NS, SOA and TXT records I don't recognise. (Some I do recognise from setting up Gmail to handle email for my domain.)


Thanks very much in advance for your help!






Re: Setting up GoDaddy domain for GitHub User Pages

Hi @th-moore

Thanks for posting in our forums! Sounds like you still have forwarding on, you will want to remove the forwarding which should also remove that extra IP address, which is one of our forwarding IPs. I suggest reaching out to our support team, it's difficult to determine which records to keep/remove via our community forums and without the domain name. There is no way to restore default DNS settings, however, here is a list of what the original records are:


A * Your server's IP 600 seconds
A @ Your server's IP 600 seconds
A admin Your server's IP 600 seconds
A mail Your server's IP 600 seconds
CNAME autoconfig @ 1 Hour
CNAME autoconfig.admin @ 1 Hour
CNAME autodiscover @ 1 Hour
CNAME autodiscover.admin @ 1 Hour
CNAME cpanel @ 1 Hour
CNAME ftp @ 1 Hour
CNAME webdisk @ 1 Hour
CNAME webdisk.admin @ 1 Hour
CNAME webmail @ 1 Hour
CNAME whm @ 1 Hour
CNAME www @ 1 Hour
CNAME www.admin @ 1 Hour
CNAME _domainconnect 1 Hour
MX @ (Priority: 10) 1 Hour


MX @ (Priority: 0) 1 Hour
TXT @ v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all 1 Hour
TXT admin v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all 1 Hour
SRV _autodiscover._tcp.@ 0 0 443 1 Hour
SRV _autodiscover._tcp.admin 0 0 443 1 Hour
NS @ 1 Hour
NS @ 1 Hour
KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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