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Some of your products have expired

I received an email this morning with the heading:


Urgent Notice

Some of your products have expired.


Followed by a large blue button “View Expired Products


I clicked on the button which took me to the GoDaddy website showing both my domain names. I saw one domain date was 3/8 and today was 3/28 so I renewed the domain. After purchasing another year I noticed I had just paid for an additional year since the domain didn’t expire for another year.


So I called GoDaddy and was told too bad we can’t cancel domain name renewals. When I pointed out I received an email that had a button to “View Expired Products” which were not expired the operator disagreed with me that the wording was deceptive and that later on in the email it did say “Anything included in ‘Cancelled items’ has expired…”. Thank you Captain Obvious. Also I should have looked at the small print further down instead of the large blue button directing me to expired products (which weren’t expired!). Also the GoDaddy web page said “Expiring Renewals” while the button link said “View Expired Products”


To me this is blatant deception. The only recourse I have now available is to reverse charges on my credit card which I was told would force the expiration of the domain name and not make it public for immediate renewal. Apparently I would also lose the year I already paid for before deceptively paying for another year.


Sometimes I just call back and get a more reasonable response. I've had some smart-aleks on godaddy answer the phone, and the sales pitches are subtle and bordering deceptive, but overall I get the answer I need by calling back.