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Unhappy with domain backorder process

Have had a backorder on a domain for several YEARS. Looks like this year was my chance to snag it and then you pull this real **bleep** move by sending it to auction. The real kick in the balls is that the domain itself isn't even held by you guys, Its on another registrar. SO glad I moved my 150+ domains away long ago.



I've been outbid on my "COURTESY" bid. Courtesy would have been to not try to make a cash grab on a paid backorder and let me have my chance of snagging it without having to pay more on top of what I already paid. What's the point of paying for a backorder if you are just going to do this?

Community Manager

Hey @CLPeters. Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you didn't get the domain you wanted Man Sad A backordered domain can go to auction for a few reasons. You can read through the various scenarios in this article. I hope that helps. 


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