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nameservers set in account are not propagating

I have updated the nameservers in this account over 12 hours ago. they are still not propagating to the internet. Yesterday afternoon I set it to the new Hostgator name servers; and see screenshot. The new nameservers showed on DNS check here for a few minutes, but then everything reverts back to the old NS which are the and


The settings I configure in the godaddy NS page are NOT being saved or propagated out to the internet. The domain is NOT "locked" in the godaddy configuration page. Domain is Support was already called once and only wanted to sell the owner domain "privacy" which has nothing to do with this issue. 



Have you tried double checking to make sure those are the correct nameservers you are supposed to use? If you have I would highly suggest giving support a call so they can look at the backend and figure out why it is reverting back to the nameservers. I hope this helps!

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