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"www" prefix domain no point to target as want

Hello Support Team,

I can't see the email support , so i make the topic from here

My customer got a domain "" , I also made the CNAME "www" for it

but when I ping , it always show "" not same as target I need

Over 2 days but still showing the above result

Please help me





Somebody help me please

Hey @AnNguyen,


If you are needing to speak with our live support regarding the DNS settings of a domain name you are managing within your account, then you'll need to contact our live support for further assistance. As this is an open discussion forum, none of the members here in the community will have direct access to your account to review the actual DNS settings you have setup within your domain manager.
Before you reach out to support, I did some public DiG results on the domain and confirmed the root domain and 'www' are pointing to two separate IP addresses. I also noticed this domain is not registered with us directly, which would indicate you might be managing the domain zone records within a hosting plan you've added it to. 
Two suggestions:
1) Check that the 'www' record you created is pointed to '@' so both the root domain and 'www' should be resolving to the same location. If that checks out-
2) Make sure the domain is using the correct authoritative nameservers that are associated with your hosting account. If it's not pointed to the correct nameservers, then any updates made within the hosting account are not going to take effect on the domain.
If the suggestions above don't resolve the issue, then you can contact our 24/7 phone support team for immediate assistance at any of the numbers listed here. If you don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. They are available Monday – Friday, 5 am to 6 pm (GMT/UTC -7) on our US Help Page.
CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at