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Adding GoDaddy/Office365 Account to Gmail via Desktop Browser

Hi, I've just spent 45 minutes with tech support to try to find out why authentification is failing when I try to add my GoDaddy email address to Gmail. I've done this with numerous other domain email addresses without any difficulty. We doublechecked the settings I was using (sourced from JesseW's 2017 community solution). Tech support tried hard but we didn't resolve the issue. Any help much appreciated.


These are the error messages I'm getting in Gmail:

gmail+office365 problem.png


OK. So first of all Tech Support said it had no record of this particular problem, but looking at Gmail community support suggests otherwise: Many people are pulling their hair out and losing many many hours over this. the smtp reception server solution given here works for me:


But the receiving pop server solution given by

does not work for me. 


Basically the server names and ports given on GoDaddy and on Office365 and confirmed by the tech support do not work for Gmail...


Hi @NickMill ,


Welcome to the Community, and thank you for reaching out!  Setting up Office365 through your Gmail account can be tricky, but I think I have a solution for you.  Try this way here  for the settings that work for POP or IMAP in Gmail.  Since you mentioned authentication issue, did you change your password recently?   I would log in directly to to make sure you can access webmail without password issues first.  If your Office 365 mailbox was just set up within the last 24 hours, you may have to sit tight to allow for complete set-up with Microsoft before going through the Gmail set-up.  Please let us know if you were able to complete set-up and choose "solution accepted". 😊 

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