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Any ideas to shut down spoofing

A spammer has hijacked my email and is using it as the send address for spamming. I added a txt record that I thought would stop all emails from being sent -  v=spf1 -all - and deleted the MX record. I still am getting bounce backs from rejected emails. I don't use this email to send anything, but it's driving me crazy deleting all the undeliverable messages. Any ideas? I appreciate the help!!!

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The MX record affects incoming mail not sending.

The SPF record does tell receiving where to accept mail from, the issue you have is if the mail was already sent prior to adjusting the SPF record, those emails would still generate bounces.


Not much you can otherwise do  - DKIM / SPF will have reduce likely hood of this in the future. 

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Hey @ellenthompson68. Thanks for posting. As @PL281 mentioned, there's not a lot you can do from the domain side. Usually you would need to find the provider that is sending out the emails and report the abuse with them. I had a thorough discussion about this with another customer in this thread if you want to check it out. Hope that helps. 


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