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Archive e-mail to hard drive



I think this is probably simple but I can't find any suggestions for it in the topics categories. What is the most straightforward, efficient way to back up my e-mails by downloading them to my hard drive (not to another e-mail server)?



Getting Started

@crimsongreg The one way I can think of is by connecting an email client like Outlook to your account and having it download all of the messages.  Then you would have it's database to backup when you wanted.


We're new to Godaddy so maybe they have it but I've always been surprised that the online cloud services don't offer a daily or weekly backup. I mean just in the rare case that I delete out an entire folder or bunch of files it sure would be nice to go back and be able to restore them from a week or so ago.


I am in the middle of doing the outlook thing.  If you are in the process, be careful. I lost a lot of emails. Godaddy does not back up our files. But, call go-daddy, they will be happy to sell you a way to back up your files. For their godaddy based email, there is no free solution. Seriously,  how hard can it be to have an archive / restore button?

It worst to have email accounts on godaddy.

No facility for archive.

It is very costly solution.

I suggest not to use godaddy anymore.

They did not need customers anymore.