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Auto Purge in my Trash KEEPS COMING ON

For the third time—the last two occurrences I called in about and nothing could be done to remedy the situation, my 30 Day Auto Purge is turned from OFF to ON in my trash. I, like many others, use my Trash as a form of Archive. It was actually quite devastating this time when the Auto Purge randomly came on and purged everything older than 30 days. I lost tons of valuable email chains and receipts. I have tried discussing this with GoDaddy support but most now are deeply undertrained and I find I am often explaining to them the protocols they should be taking and the questions they should be asking over the chat-bots.


This is very infuriating as this is not a free service. I pay for this email. I don't know if this is a low-boil scheme to clear server space but it is clearly a GoDaddy error/decision. I did not turn on my Auto Purge knowingly any of the three times, and would not have. It also is not the type of process which could happen because of an error in mouse or key strokes as it requires a two-finger tap, then a mouse movement, than another tap. The first time I was upset. The third time? I am angry. I want a resolution, and more importantly, I want my emails back!!