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AzureAD Sync with Godaddy Office365...oh the woes!

I am now aware of some glaring issues with Office365 from GoDaddy.

Mainly in the realm of AzureAD control and sync.


First, it seems that a Federated setup is occurring with GoDaddy...bit odd but ok.

Unfortunately, that seems to mean that AzureAD cannot properly sync up in a normal setup with your on prem DC.


The user I have established in GoDaddy for O365 mail is conflicting with my on prem user of the same name and other details, and I can not use the normal tricks to force the two to merge and coexist.


So, I am hoping that someone has a work around for the issue.

Do I need to setup a federated sync on my end with AzureAD in order to ensure that my user gets properly synced with Azure?  Or is AzureAD effectively unusable with  GoDaddy?


I had AzureAD all nicely setup and working for a good year and had to remove my domain from MS in order to switch over...which was done as a cost saving method, but it's been a major headache getting going again.


I am having a somewhat related but different issue related to O365.


I want to use Power BI - but I purchased the "Exchange Essentials" email plan, and apparently, my email address is in a tenant, controlled by GoDaddy, that does not allow me to sign up for Power BI.


I have looked at: O365 admin portal, Azure AD admin portal, etc., but I cannot find anywhere to control this tenant, or how to add services through O365 to my subscription.


I can see the name of the tenant in Azure AD admin portal.


I signed up for a trial (E5 level trial) from msft O365 - but it asks me to associate the trial with my GoDaddy domain. When I do that, it says my domain is on a GoDaddy controlled tenant, and I cannot do the trial unless I have my email removed from their tenant, and added to a new trial tenant...


I am trying to figure out, if I upgrade my exchange services to "Pro" will that put me in a higher level tenant bc of the higher level licensing agreement....?