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Buying personal email address, not renting it.

It's time to look like a adult and set up a personal email. I don't want a Hotmail or yahoo etc address, but want to buy my own more professional private personal email, I don't want to rent one. How do I do this?

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Here are the two options I use and recommend:


GoDaddy offers Office365 for a small monthly fee:


I used 365 for my "money sites" where I require more features and reliability.


A free options that works very well to is Zoho:


I use Zoho for my sites that have less activity and just need basic email service.


What you don't want to use is GoDaddy's free Workspace email.  Not at all reliable (or well supported -- GoDaddy's words not mine).


Once you determine what domain you want to use for your new e-mail, you'll have to change your domain's DNS records according to the instructions for each service so that domain can be used for your e-mail.  Pretty straightforward process and easy to do.


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