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Cancelled 365 Account and Now Microsoft junks all my emails

I bought a domain and got free microsoft email services with it. I set it up but found that GoDaddy Workspace Unlimited was best for me for the long term. So I cancelled Microsoft email and switched to GoDaddy. The problem now is that Microsoft junks all email from my domain. Google doesn't do that nor does any other provider such as yahoo or so on.


Is it because I switched that my emails are being treated this way. It is a new account, how on earth are they finding it to be spam. Its only been 15 days or so and the only emails I have sent are to my other email addresses. I keep on reporting not junk, but they end up in junk. 


It makes you suspect that they really want that 5 bucks per month for 365 that badly!

My free email account repeatedly shows as either “server not available” or that the email messages I send have a virus. They don’t and I know this because my gmails and even other godaddy email accounts can send the SAME email messages just fine. In addition, although I receive emails on the affected account, the account itself no longer shows in my email listings on my godaddy account, when it is supposed to. This is not due to any settings I have changed—because I haven’t.

Okay, so it's true that the website keeps asking you to sign up for monthly billed emails with 365, but there is free email (for domain owners) with less storage.


What was *not as obvious* (like, at all!) was that cPanel emails were not made for anything other than admin-types, i.e., low volume usage. So, as Help also explained on the phone (as there is no more Godaddy support at this time via email messages), Workspace ("free") email has more room, although not as much as 365 (paid).


So my acct emails are now set up the way they suggested and we will see how it goes.


The thing is, guys, couldn't you have written this info out somewhere where users could have read about it ourselves instead of having to call you on the phone? Thanks for your help nonetheless, from a nearly 3-decade user.