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Cannot Create New Email Accounts

Hi there,

I can't create new email accounts from cpanel. Every time I try It says "That is not a valid email address". I called a couple of times but I was on-hold for a long time, I gave up.

The other issue is every time I sent out an email I get response back saying "Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour". I did call a couple of times to resolve this issue, they say due to spamming or suspicious activity they have limited the accounts emails.

Currently you guys don't have a email support, you say you have live chat support but it's always offline and the call is either being hold until I run out of credit or it's transferred to multiple people where I have to explain the issue all over again. There's also this thing called request a call, which never happens. Really disappointed in your service. I'm going to loose my clients because of your poor service.

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Hi @akeelameen,

sorry to hear you're having problems but if there is suspicious activity you are unaware of, it's possible you site is hacked. 

Forgive me but you sound very impatient! The live chat is Arizona USA time 9am - 6pm. It's only offline outside of these times, you know, when the staff are unchained and allowed to see their families. 

You have to wait (with everyone else) until an agent is available as it's often busy. But there is no bias to anyone and everyone else waits just the same. 

Hope you have better luck today.