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Cannot connect to server - Mozilla Thenderbird

Yesterday I had an issue with my site being down, Was something along the order of:


DNS record is missing the A record where your domain is pointing.


Anyway, they fixed that issue. I get up this morning and I find out that my  Mozilla Thunderbird failed to connect to server. This is crap.

I don't use a phone..Just don' reason, a personal preference, And GoDaddy's chat is conveniently off line today so I have no way of contacting them until Monday. Which is wrong. I'm currently in the process of buying a home, and contact my real estate agent via email/web, Since I can't use email, I can't contact her.

And until GoDaddy resolves whatever the issue is, they can't email me with a reply to this neither. I guess I'm screwed.

Yesterday when I was having my issue fixed, I was asked if I would like to renew with GoDaddy, I declined because of the lack of being able to contact them easily. I've been withGoDaddy 2 years. It absolutely won't be 3 years.

I'm really upset over this. I'm also in the process of opting out of all these websites that harvest and display pertinent private information, Many have a 24 hour window to reply. I'm screwed there too.


Thank You,


Screwed & PissedOff with crap service.