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Confused different email accounts

I logged in to look at my email setup prompted by notice about Workspace email.

I have 10/100 accounts in my Workspace email. All ten are "forward accounts" however the ones that I can easily track do not seem to be forwarding. 

In cpanel I have 12 accounts, 8 of which are identical addresses to 8 of the ten Workspace accounts. Five of these are also forwarding accounts (plus one other address which is not on either of the other two lists) which do seem to be working. the ones that are not forwarding accounts we access by IMAP or POP3 using the server connections in described in the setup instructions under cpanel. 

Going forward what do I have and/or what do I need. I'm not currently paying anything for "email" but I assumed that it was included with hosting.

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Re: Confused different email accounts



You need to look at the MX record for your domain and see if it is pointing to your cPanel or to WorkSpace email - you cannot use both - it's one or the other 


You can decide which makes the most sense for you

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Re: Confused different email accounts

Workspace and cPanel email use different servers.  You have the option to pick which one you want, then all of the email addresses you need should be set-up thru that service.